zeke adam
Imperfect Copies
Imperfect Copies is an installation based on real-time juxtapositions of human faces in a rigid grid structure. Its designed to be projected in a panoramic manner or in an environment where the image covers all four walls with a mirror floor/ceiling thus fully immersing the viewer in a sea of coexisting faces.

The software fueling the installation is endowed with a face detection AI, which searches trough and streams the images of thousands of online cameras dispersed all around the globe on which concurrently a human face appears. The rigid structure of the projected images is thus contrasts with their constant fluctuation as the faces appear and disappear in the cameras field of vision, meanwhile a multi-channel audio is being generated based on the inputs.

The installation provides the visitor with an immersive experience and might provoke thoughts about the importance or insignificance of the individuum, their simultaneous presence and utter isolation.